SOF Quality User Experience Release Launch Blog – Jan 16th 2017

The SOF team are pleased to announce the availability of the SOF Quality User Experience release.

The SOF Quality User Experience release provides guidance on how to measure key metrics that inform customers and partners of the quality and reliability their users are receiving. The assets provide guidance on how to set the Operational team up for success leveraging these key metrics to get to and maintain a quality end user experience.

Delivering Skype for Business with quality and reliability to end users underpins the realization of our customer’s business outcomes, which were the basis of moving forward with this technology change, ongoing Operations are key to unlocking these business outcomes.


Skype for Business online is a real-time service and there is more to do to achieve quality and reliability than just switch it on…


We encourage customers and partners to start thinking about quality and reliability early in their project cycles, the SOF Outcomes material shared the recommendation that customer / partner managed Operational tasks leveraging these Quality User Experience assets need to be engaged and active to support the first site deployment and are not something that should only be considered at the end of deployment.




We launched the Operations assessment materials as part of the Cloud Migration release to help assess the current operational setup, with the SOF Quality User Experience release we are providing additional materials to drive setting you up for ongoing successful Operations.



The Managing a high quality and reliable service delivery workshop positions the need for customer or partner managed operations as an integral component of successfully delivering quality and reliability with a real-time cloud solution such as Skype for Business Online. The Operational Roles workshop and template provides predefined key Operational Roles and associated tasks allowing our customers and partners to simply assign individuals / teams to the Operational Roles to set up Operations for success, if required these assets also providing the ability to customize roles and associated tasks.



The updated Getting Started with Call Quality Dashboard materials assist with successfully setting up the Call Quality Dashboard and providing extended guidance on uploading and maintaining the building and subnet information that is key to have correctly set up to provide information that can be acted on.



The new Managing a high quality and reliable service delivery Playbook provides practical guidance on how to monitor the quality and reliability delivered to end users leveraging new simplified Call Quality Dashboard report templates and guidance. Following this playbook will help customers and partners to identify quality and reliability hotspots such as specific buildings, subnets etc, identify the key issues and put in place timely remediation.


In addition to the Managing a high quality and reliable service delivery Playbook we have released six new Call Quality Dashboard videos on the SOF Academy training page that provide guidance on how to use CQD to Investigate Media Quality. These videos make it easier for everyone to become very familiar with how to use this online tool to interpret the information to drive remediation of issues discovered, these videos incorporate the new simplified CQD report templates.


The Getting Started with CQD asset has also been updated to align with changes to CQD.


The SOF Quality User Experience release launches an initial set of curated Skype for Business troubleshooting materials directly from the SOF web site, these are designed to help customers and partners troubleshoot commonly occurring issues, over time we will extend the range of troubleshooting material and welcome your feedback on this new initiative.


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